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Data Communications and Networking Question and Answers




1. What is meant by Data Communication and explain its characteristics?

2. What are the components of Data communication?

3. Explain different Data flow directions.

4. What is Network and explain characteristics of Networks?

5. Write about different types of connections.

6. Explain different types of topologies.

7. Explain different types of Networks.

8. Write about Protocol and Standards.


Network Models


1. Explain different layers in OSI Model.

2. Explain the layers of TCP/IP model.

3. Write about peer-to-peer processing.



Data and Signals


1. Fundamentals of Data and Signals.

2. Write about Digital Signals.

3. Write about Composite Signals.

4. Different methods for Digital signal transmission.

5. Write about Transmission Impairments.

6. Different Criteria for the performance of Networks.


Digital Transmission


1. Write about Line coding and its characteristics.

2. Write about different Line coding Techniques.

3. Write about different Block Coding Techniques.

4. Write about different Scrambling techniques.

5. Explain Analog to Digital Conversion techniques.

6. Write about different transmission modes.


 Analog Transmission


1. Explain Different Digital to Analog Conversion Techniques.

2. Explain Analog to Analog Conversion Techniques.


Bandwidth Utilization: Multiplexing and Spreading


1. What is Multiplexing and Explain different types of Multiplexing?

2. Write about Frequency Division Multiplexing.

3. Write about Wavelength Division Multiplexing.

4. Write about Time Division Multiplexing.

5. What are the different spread spectrum techniques?


Transmission medium


1. What is transmission medium? What are the different types of transmission medium?

2. Write about Guided medium.

3. Write about Un-guided medium.




1. What is Switching and What are the different types of Switching Techniques?

2. Write about Circuit Switched Network.

3. Write about Datagram Network.

4. Write about Virtual Circuit Network.


Error Detection and Correction


1. Explain different types of errors in data transmission.

2. Write about Redundancy, Detection versus Correction, Forward Error Correction versus Retransmission and Coding

3. Write about Block Coding and explain how the errors are detected and corrected using Block coding?

4. What is Hamming distance and write about minimum Hamming distance?

5. What is meant by linear Block Code and explain Simple Parity-Check Code?

6. Write about Hamming codes.

7. What is cyclic code and explain Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) code?

8. Explain about Checksum.


Data Link Control


1. What is framing and explain different framing algorithms?

2. Write about Flow control and Error Control.

3. Write about Simplest Protocol.

4. Write about Stop and Wait protocol.

5. Write about Stop and wait with ARQ protocol.

6. Write about Go-Back-N ARQ protocol.

7. Write about Selective Repeat ARQ protocol.

8. Write about Piggybacking protocol.

9. Explain about HDLC Configurations, Transfer Modes and different types of frames.

10. Explain about Control Fields of HDLC frames.


Multiple Access


1. Define Random Access and list three protocols in this category

2. Write about ALOHA Protocols.

3. Write about CSMA protocol

4. Write about CSMA/CD protocol

5. Write about CSMA/CA protocol

6. Define controlled access and list three protocols in this category.

7. Define channelization and list three protocols in this category.


Connecting LANs, Backbone Networks, and Virtual LANs


1. Write about different connecting devices.

2. Write about loop problem in Transparent bridges.

3. Write about Bus Backbone network.

4. Write about Star Backbone network.

5. Write about connecting Remote Lans.


Process-to-Process Delivery: UDP, TCP, and SCTP


1. Explain about Process-to-Process Delivery

2. Explain about UDP.

3. Write about TCP services.

4. Write about TCP segment?

5. Write about different steps to create a TCP Connection.

6. Write about Flow Control in TCP.

7. Write about Error Control in TCP.

8. What are the different Services of SCTP?

9. What are the different Features of SCTP?



10. Write about Packet Format in SCTP?

11. How to createAn SCTP Association?

12. Write about Flow Control in SCTP?

13. Write about Error Control in SCTP?