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Different types of computers:  



Computers in general can be classified into major categories based on.


(I) Classification as per purpose of the computer:

Classification of digital computer as per the purpose of their use

i. General Purpose digital computers:


These computers are theoretically used for any type of applications. These computers can be used in solving a business Problem and also used to solve mathematical equation with same accuracy and consistency. Most of the computers now are general purpose digital computers.


ii. Special Purpose Computers:


These digital computers are designed, made and used for any specific job. These are usually used for those purposes which are critical and need great accuracy and response like Satellite launching weather forecasting etc.



(II) According to the operation size of computer:


Classification of digital computer as per size and capabilities


1. Super Computers:


These computers are characterised as being the fastest, with very high processing speed, very large size, most powerful. There are widely used in complex scientific applications like processing geological data, weather data, genetic engineering etc. These computers with 16 microprocessors will recognize words up to length 64 bits and more. The speed of calculation is up to 1.2 billion instructions/second, and they can take input from more than 1000 individual work station.


Ex. PARAM developed in India.


2. Mainframe Computers:


These Computer will has capability to support many peripheral devices and terminals, which can process several Million Instructions / second (MIPS), as well which support 1000 remote systems, these computers are mostly used for Railway reservation etc.


3. Medium Scale (size) Computers:


These computers are mini versions of mainframe computers, they are relatively smaller than mainframes and have less processing power than Mainframes their processing speed support up to 200 remote systems.


4. Mini Computers:


These computers are smaller and less experience than Mainframe and medium sized computers. They are relatively faster it can support about 10-20 user terminals. These computers are generally easy to use. They can handle database, statistical problems Accounting etc.


5. Micro Computer:


These are the mostly used category of computes called as personal computers (PC's). The word Micro suggests only the size, but not the capacity. They are capable to do all input - output operations. They can also be connected to peripheral devices.



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