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Black Diagram of the Computer



The block diagram of the computer is as follows:

Black Diagram of the Computer1

1. Input Unit:


The process of sending the data and Instructions for the processing through some suitable devices such as Keyboard, Mouse etc. is called Input. The devices translate the data from human understandable form into electronic impulses which are understood by the computer.



2. Central Processing Unit (CPU):


Once the data accepted it fed in to Central Processing Unit before the output is generated as data has to be processed, which is done by CPU. This unit of the computer is the brain of computer system, which does all the processing, calculations, problem solving and controls all other functions of all other elements of the computer. The CPU consists of the following three distinct units namely.


i. Memory Unit:


This holds the data in in terms of Program and files. The data stored can be accessed and used whenever required by the CPU for necessary processing. This memory unit is usually referred as primary storage section. The units in which memory unit is measured are known as BYTES. BYTE is the space required to store 8 characters or alphabet or digits to any other special character.


ii. Control Unit:


This unit which coordinates all the activities of each and every element of computer. It decodes the instructions given by various users and it sends commands and signals that determine the sequence of various instructions. Through this unit does not process data but it acts as the central system for data manipulation, as it controls the flow of data to and from the main storage.


iii. Arithmetic and Logic Units:


This unit performs arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It also does Logical Operations such as comparison of numbers etc. Thus this unit helps by processing data and taking logical decisions.


3. Output:


The processing of extracting the data from CPU through some suitable devices is called Output. The common used output devices are VDU, Printers, Plotter, magnetic media like floppy, hard disks etc. Characteristics of computers




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