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Are you a science graduate and searching for lucrative careers in Clinical research. Then you came to the right place. Here you can find


What is clinical Research?

Who is Eligible for Clinical Research jobs?

What are the different clinical research courses & certifications?

Clinical research training online courses

Various clinical research jobs?

Top clinical research organisations in India


In India, clinical research industry is booming and now India became a major hub for clinical research.


Over 100 companies are currently conducting the clinical trials in India. There is high demand for qualified professionals in this billion dollar industry. FICCI - Clinical Research Sector Growth in India.


In clinical research, there are lots of growth oriented career options available for science graduates.


So to build a career in clinical research, you must have a basic education in this field.


Clinical Research Jobs Career: The Insiders Guide


So lets find out the details about clinical research career.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a branch of healthcare science that determines the safety and effectiveness (efficacy) of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis, or for relieving symptoms of a disease. (Wikipedia)


Whenever the pharmaceutical company formulates a new drug, it must be tested at various stages before before releasing into the market.


After launching the drug, they conduct surveys to supervise the safety and track the side effects of large-scale use. The contract research organizations (CRO) or pharmaceutical companies carry out the tests.


In India the cost of these tests is low and here they can find a large number of volunteers to conduct test on humans. So that lot of foreign companies are outsourcing their work to India.

So there is huge demand for clinical research jobs.


Who is Eligible for Clinical Research jobs?


The Clinical research industry is looking for science graduates. (Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Biotechnology, Microbiology or Zoology)


Bachelors in Physiotherapy, pharmacists (BPharm, MPharm) and nursing graduates can also suitable for these jobs.


Individuals who have right qualifications can find jobs in clinical research.


Courses in Clinical Research (PG & Diploma)


As a science graduate you must have proper educational qualifications to get into Clinical research. Various prominent universities and institutions are offering Post Graduates courses in clinical research. You can also go for diploma and short term certification courses to improve your job opportunities. Let’s find out various PG & Diploma courses in Clinical research


I. Clinical Research Degree Programs


1. MSc in Clinical Research-2 Year (UGC Recognized, Full Time)


Msc Clinical research program by ICRI was the India’s first and till date the most sought after program within the science fraternity.




The candidate must be a Graduate or Postgraduate in Life Sciences, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic and Veterinary Science.


2. PhD clinical research- 3 year (UGC recognized)


The PhD opens up the possibilities for the student to take up suitable teaching assignments as well as senior positions which get opened up for the student in the Clinical Research industry.


PhD clinical research details:


i). The Duration of this PhD program is 3 years.

ii). One semester of classes in Research methodology which are held regularly at the ICRI campus.

iii). For students who came from a non clinical research program will undergo an additional 3 months of academic training which will cover the basic aspects of clinical research.




The candidate must have a Masters in Life Sciences / Microbiology / Biotechnology / Pharmacy / Medicine / Nursing / Physiotherapy / Dentistry / Homeopathy / Ayurvedic and Veterinary Science




II. Clinical Research Diploma Programs


There are a number of short term Diploma programs are available in Clinical research. Let's find out


1. Diploma in Clinical Research

Anovus Institute of Clinical Research, Chandigarh, Affiliated to I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKGPTU)


2. PG Diploma in Advanced Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance(Full Time)


Institute of Clinical Research India, which is the World’s largest and first Clinical Research & Healthcare institution with an alumni strength of more than 12,000 students working across the globe.


3. Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research


Faculty of Clinical Research offering the Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research. It has been structured by experts from the industry themselves and thus comprehensive coverage and understanding of the industry and its functional areas.


III. Clinical Research Training Online Courses


There are various online courses are also available for you. So, Let's find out different clinical research training online courses


1. Clinical Research Certification Program for Investigators


This is a Job-oriented Certification program in Clinical Research by ICRI. Certification in clinical research (CCR) is designed to provide candidates with an opportunity to acquire and develop the expertise necessary for effective clinical research. The program is designed to meet the high demand for trained personnel for human clinical trials.


2. PG Diploma in Clinical Research


This course is designed to provide participants with a broad understanding of the basic principles employed within Clinical Research both domestically and internationally.


Clinical research jobs for Science Graduates


India is becoming a hub for medical research. So there is a huge demand for clinical research professionals. Let's find various job positions in clinical research


1. Clinical Research Coordinator

The main responsibility of Clinical Research Coordinator is to conduct clinical trials. So he must Plan, direct, or coordinate clinical research projects. The other responsibilities of Clinical Research Coordinator are


1). He should direct the activities of the workers involved in clinical research projects.

2). He must ensure compliance with protocols and objectives of clinical research projects.

3) Reporting to the investigators & laboratories about results.




2. Business Development Executive or Manager


The main responsibility of Business Development Executive or manager is managing and interfacing with clients for new projects. Other major responsibilities are


1. Negotiating with the clients for new business deals,

2. Draft agreements / contracts and bring new clinical trial related business to the company

3. Preparing proposals to meet client requirements

4. Establishing initial interactions with potential clients

5. Ongoing relationship building with potential clients

6. Generating and maintaining important business reports and representing the organization at various conferences


3. Clinical Research Associate


Clinical research associate (CRA) responsibility is to supervise the conduct of clinical studies. So he must involve in every aspect of the clinical trial. The other responsibilities are


1. Setting up the lab to conduct trials

2. Collecting the data and other required materials to conduct the tests.

3. Creating the final reports by collecting the results from the tests.

4. Creating budgets for clinical trails

5. Maintaining the patient information database


As Clinical research associates you may get jobs at pharmaceutical companies and scientific research organizations.


4. Clinical Data Managers


Clinical data manager is another job available in clinical research industry. The data managers oversee all aspects of program-related data. The other responsibilities of a clinical data manager are


1. Developing a framework for collection, processing, storage, retrieval of data

2. Providing Clinical data management support to Clinical Operations team

3. Participating in the review of Clinical research documents

4. Maintenance/tracking of EDC user management and clinical databases across clinical trails.

5. Preparing reports, statistical comparisons, data charts and other presentation materials.


As a clinical data manager, you may get jobs in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and research organisations.


5. Regulatory Department Personnel


To conduct any clinical trials, the organizations and companies must deal with various Government Regulatory organizations.

Regulatory Department Personnel plays a vital role in such situations. Regulatory Department Personnel responsibility is the planning and direction of clinical regulatory activities. The other responsibilities include


1. Developing and implementing strategies to get approvals

2. Interpret corporate policy.

3. Plan, schedule and direct activities and programs through regulatory staff.

4. Communicating with staff and management about changes and updates.

5. Consulting outside agencies as needed to resolve key regulatory issues.

6. Prepare responses to inquiries from regulatory authorities.

7. Preparing the Reports, Graphs, Charts for distribution to other departments.


Top clinical research organizations in India


Here find the list of top clinical research organizations in India.


1. Accutest Research Laboratories, Mumbai

2. Ace Biomed, Mumbai

3. Actimus Biosciences, Visakhapatnam

4. Asian Clinical Trials Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

5. C B Patel Research Center, Mumbai

6. Clinigene International, Bangalore

7. GVK Biosciences Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

8. Vimta Labs, Hyderabad

9. Quintiles Spectral Private, Ahmedabad

10. Sipra Labs Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad






Clinical research is the next big career option in the country for science graduates. In India, huge human resources are available with the required qualifications. In India a large number of people are living in rural areas and there exists a wide range of diseases.


So many pharmaceutical companies are considering India is the ideal location for clinical research and clinical trials. So there are a number of job opportunities in the clinical research.


So as a science graduate learn the required skills to enter into clinical research and use these opportunities to settle your career.


What do you think about jobs in clinical research?