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Are you an unemployed and searching for a job? Or

Do you want to become your own boss?

If you are not satisfied with your present job and want to change?

Do you want to earn extra money at your free time without quitting your regular job?

If your answer is "Yes" for any one of the above questions, then you came to the right place.

There are lot freelance jobs from home available online. If you have any skill or you can improve your skills, then freelancing offers lot of options.

You can work as a part time freelancer without quitting your regular job. So that you can earn some extra money for you.

freelance jobs from home



So, in this article you will find a simple guidance for you in freelance jobs.

In this article you can find

1. What is freelancer means? 

2. What are the Top freelance jobs online? 

3. Top freelance jobs websites 

4. How to start a freelance career? 

5. Pros and cons of freelance jobs.

Lets’ Start

1. What is freelancer means?

A freelancer or freelance worker is " a person who is self-employed and he is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term". - Wikipedia

As per the report of “Bureau of Labor Statistics”, there are 15.5 million people are self employed in the U.S.
The global market has been growing at 14 per cent a year for the past few years.

As per Freelancer India Survey Report, India is the second largest country with freelancers after the US. India has over 15 million people working as freelancers in a various sectors.

It includes IT & programming, finance, sales and marketing, designing, animation, videography, content and academic writing etc.

So as a freelancer, you are the your own boss. So you don't need to go anywhere and you have your own working hours. It is just like your own business.


So every decision you have to take and for success or failure you are the responsible.



2. Top Freelance Jobs

As per the Upwork, which a largest freelance jobs site, the 20 fastest-growing freelance skills in 2016 are as follows.

a Machine learning

a Tableau

a User experience design

a C++ programming

a MySQL programming

a Pardot

a Social media management

a Project management professional (PMP)

a Swift development

a Chat support

a Android development

a Unity 3D

a Shopify development

a Video editing

a AutoCAD

a Facebook marketing

a API development

a Content writing

a .NET framework

a WordPress development


In the above list, most the jobs related to software and technical oriented jobs.

You don't have any one of these skills, then don't worry. Still, there are other freelance jobs for non technical persons also. 

Here is another list of freelance jobs available in Fiverr, which another Freelance jobs market place.


fiverr freelance jobs


3. Top Freelance Job Sites

There is a lot of freelance websites are available in the world. They provide a platform to connect clients and freelancers. There you can get lots of jobs.

In some freelancing sites you have to qualify the screening test to get the jobs. But some freelancing sites they don't have any screening test.

Here is the list of top freelance websites.

1. Upwork


Upwork the largest freelance jobs network formed out by merging oDesk and Elance. Currently it has 9 million freelances in its network and 1.5 million clients. It offers a wide range of technical and no technical freelance jobs.



In Upwork, They don't follow any type of screening process. The client will handle the screening and hiring the freelancer.



If you are a designer, then 99designs is for you. 99Designs is a freelance platform for designers.

There are different types of graphic design jobs available for you. Logo designing, Banner, Bill board, Web & App design and many more.




Here, first client post their project with brief details. Freelancers like you must submit the designs. Then the client picks the best submission and the selected design will get the money.




Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig.

In beginning the job is performed at a cost of $5 per job from which it gets its name. 

Fiverr facilitates the buying and selling of "Gigs" or micro-jobs online.




Fiverr had completed 30M projects since 2010. Here also they don’t have any screening process to get a job.



Freelancer is another world largest freelancing and crowd sourcing market place.

Here you can find various freelance jobs like software development, data entry, sales & marketing, accounting and legal services.

Here also there is no screening process. Client will post a job with brief descriptions. You have to bid the project with your detail. Then the client will select you depending on the bid and your work experience.


5. Guru


Guru is another large freelancers network with 1.5 million gurus (freelancers). Since starting 2001, it has completed 1 million jobs and received $200 millions in payout.

Here also they don't have any screening process for you. You have to create a profile and define the freelance services you want to offer. Later employers will find you by these services when they search for freelancers to hire.

Otherwise, you can search and apply for the jobs that you have an interest in any category of the jobs.


6. People Per Hour


Peopleperhour is an exclusive network of freelancers related to web projects. Like web design, development, content creation, SEO and promotion services.

More than 1M people have been using this platform either to find freelance job or find the best talented people since its beginning in the year 2007.

Here also they don't have any screening process for you. You should apply for the jobs by creating your profile.

But to simplify the process between client and freelancer, it offers a tool called WorkStream.

You can use this tool to manage your work, to communicate with the client etc.


6. Toptal


Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelancers in the field of software developers, designers, and financial experts in the world.

But it follows a very rigorous screening process to identify the best candidates.

The screening process starts with comprehensive language, personality, and communication interview. Then technical knowledge, problem-solving ability, and intellect through various assessments.

Finally, less than 3% of freelancers accepted from the thousands of applicants.


4. How to start your freelance career


To make some extra cash, freelancing is the one of the best and easiest way if you understand the game.
You can earn some extra money by using your skills and abilities with freelance jobs.

But to succeed in freelance career, you must consider the following things.


1. Define your goal


Till now you have read about what are the best freelance jobs and where you can find the freelance jobs.
Do you impress and want to became a freelancer?

Then you should think about what is your goal and what are the skills do you have to became a freelancer.

What is your goal?


First answer these questions..


Do you want to earn extra income on the side of your day job?

Otherwise, you want to become a full-time freelancer? So that you will become your own boss?

Without any clear and measurable goal, it becomes very difficult to decide what to do and how to do?


So first create a specific goal, then you can develop strategies to reach your goals.


2. Identify your skills

So you set a goal in your mind. Then how can you achieve your goal?

In these days there are various types of freelance jobs available. But, how can you find which job is suitable for you? 

One simple solution is ....

Check your resume once. There you can find a lot of freelance job opportunities.

Find out what skills do you have and compare those skills with job requirements. It you found any jobs related to your skills, then you can improve those skills to start your career.

But you don't have any such type of skills in your resume..

Don't worry.. If you have a passion, then you can learn the required skill through online classes from your home.

For example, if you have knowledge in drawing, then you can learn new skills related to designing like Logo design, Graphics & Animation designing.

A little faith in your abilities will take you a long way. Once you have developed the required skills then you can start your freelance career.


3. Create your profile with testimonials


So you have developed a skill, but you have a question in your mind i.e.

How to start?

But before that.. Think once.. How do you get a regular job?


1. First, you have to find job notification?

2. Then you have to prepare your resume and then apply for the job?

3. After verifying your resume.. The next process will start.


So, here in this process what is the most important one to get a job?


Yes, you are correct. Your resume. So the resume will help you to get the job.

In the same way to get a freelance job opportunity you need a profile or portfolio.

Many clients are not concerned with what qualifications do you have. They want to see your past performance to judge whether you are suitable or not the project. Then only they can allot projects for you.

So build a profile or portfolio with all your technical skills and testimonials required for the job. If you don't have your own testimonial then use testimonials of your friends.

But before that you must have a complete knowledge of those testimonials.


4. How to get your first freelance job?


As a beginner, first you need to concentrate on getting clients.

So, how to get clients?

First concentrate on your local area.

Start networking with your local business people, friends and co-workers. Discuss with them about your new venture. 

So, you may get some potential client through your family and friends. So at the initial stage these projects will help you to improve your skills. 

Check whether you are able to complete the tasks or not. If not, then analyse what is the reason? If needed improve your skills by practicing. 

Later you can use these projects as testimonials. 

Before applying for the online freelance jobs, we have seen there are a number of sites. 

So, start with one or two specific sites.

Register with those sites and complete your profile. Then find the suitable jobs for you and apply.

The success in freelancing depends on different factors.




a). How you communicate with your clients?


Treat your clients as your boss. So courtesy while interacting with them even though they may give a project or not. Sometimes this will help you to get a job.

While fixing the price, bid for a reasonable price for your work.


b). What types of jobs you are applying?


The success of getting a job depends on what type of jobs you are applying. There are various type jobs. So, apply those jobs that are suitable for you only. Then only you can complete the project within the time. Which helps you to improve your brand.


c). How many jobs you are applying?


Apply as many jobs as possible. Securing a freelance job is a numbers game. The more jobs you apply, the more likely you will find work.


5. Be Confident

The success of a freelancing career depends on your discipline and confidence.

At the beginning, it will take few months to get a work. So, don't lose your confidence. If you are not getting any work, analyse why you are not getting projects. Check whether you need to improve your skills or your profile should change?

Check other people profiles and observe them how they are presenting themselves. So it will help you to modify your profile. If you have a reasonable skill set, then definitely you will get a job.

Freelancing means it is your individual job. So you are responsible for your work.

So there is no monitoring for you to check how much work you’re getting done or whether you’re meeting your targets. So you must be accountable for yourself.

You’ll Need Self-Discipline. Set working hours and follow it. Otherwise, you may not complete your task.


6. Follow the trends in the market

To become a successful freelancer, you must follow the latest trends in the market to stay ahead of the game.

You don't need to follow every rend. Figure out the trends which has a direct effect on you and how you can use them to your advantage.

If you find any new trend in the market, then use those trends to improve your business. If a new trend needs any skill development, then you can improve your skills.

So to succeed as a freelancer, you need to keep an eye on emerging trends. It will help you to get more opportunities for you.

5. Pros and cons of freelance jobs

For any type of jobs there are some advantages and disadvantages. So for freelancing also there are some advantages and disadvantages.

But before starting, let’s check what are the pro's cons of freelancing.

1. Working hours

In regular jobs, you are working for someone else. Your working hours are set by someone else. So you can't create your own schedule.

Even after completion of your office hours or when you are on vacation, you must be in touch with your office.

But as a freelancer, you are the boss. So you can decide when you want and where you want to work. You have lots of flexibility on deciding your working hours.

But to succeed in freelancing, you must complete the projects in a given time. So without proper scheduling, you can't deliver the project and it will affect you a lot.


2. Income


In regular jobs you have a clear idea about how much you will get at the end of the month. So that you can plan for that. And as an employee, you may get some extra benefits along with your salary. Which includes increments, bonus, allowances and health insurance coverage etc.

But as a freelancer, you won't say how much you will get and when you will get.

So here in freelancing your income is not stable. You won't say when you will get a project.

So, sometimes you can earn more and sometimes you won't get any money. And you won't get any extra benefits as a salaried employee. So, think twice before starting your freelance career.

But If you have adequate skills, then you will get lots of projects and you can earn more than the regular employee.


3. Security of the job

In regular job, there is a security for your job. If you work as per the norms of organisation your job will continue.
But in freelancing there is no security for your work.

You don't know how many days your client will give you work. But if you follow trends in the market and improve your skills, then you can get projects from a number of clients.

And also if you learn new technology and skills, then you can apply for different projects.




Freelancing is one of the best ways to make a bit of money if you are a college or university student.

If you are working somewhere and want to earn some extra money at your free time, then freelancing is the best way.

All you need skills, hard-work, dedication and lots of patience. At the beginning stage, you won't get any client for some days, even for a few months also. So, don't lose your confidence.

You have seen that there are lots of freelance jobs available to work from home.

To succeed there is no shortcut. Search for jobs, submit proposals to the relevant jobs with all your testimonials. One day you will get a client.


Share your suggestions and experience with freelance jobs from home?