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In this digital era, you have a lot of opportunities to learn new skills through free online courses.



There are free online courses related to business, technology, health and new language learning.

These courses contain long video an short clips and interactive projects and web conversations.


As per Aspiring Minds National Employability Report, more than 1,50,000 engineering students who graduated in 2015 from over 650 colleges, 80 percent of the them are unemployable.


The Aspiring Minds report says that despite the fact that the IT sector carries out the highest number of recruitment from the pool of engineers, only 18.43 per cent engineers are skilled enough to work there, while, for IT product roles, the numbers are as low as 3.21 per cent.


Free online Courses: Learn skills to improve your job opportunities


So, these free online courses helps you to improve your job skills?



If you have some free time and want to improve your skills, it might be worth signing up these free online courses.

Some courses cost money or charge you monthly, but a lot are free.

Advantages of Free Online Classes

There are various advantages to take online classes.

1. No need to attend Physical Classes

Through online classes, there is no need to attend physical classes for hours and you will not be bound to the physical class session when you opt for online education.

All the course materials are provided via online platforms, so you can easily access them through the internet from your home.

2. Less expensive

Online courses are cheaper than traditional offline courses. The average tuition for online courses depends on multiple factors, so it varies from one program to another. There is no need to buy textbooks and any other material for these courses because all are available through online.


3. Convenience and flexibility

Most of the online courses are Self-Paced. It means that the students can start and complete course at any time, and he can arrange a learning schedule that meets his individual needs.

In Online courses there is no need to attend live sessions and you can access the materials at any time that works for you.

If you have to work or take care of your home and children during the day, you can study at night. That’s an advantage the traditional educational system cannot beat.

4. Variety of Courses

Through online classes you can learn whatever you want. In a traditional environment to learn a new course, it involves travelling away from home, living in a completely unknown city, and struggling in an extremely competitive learning environment. With online education, you can take any program or course that you want to learn.

5. Career improvement

It doesn’t matter where your career stands at this moment, online programs help you in your career and improves your job opportunities.

It will show potential employers that you’re committed to learning and you’re eager to obtain more knowledge and new skills.

 Learning new skills through online improves your job opportunities. You will certainly become a better candidate for a job promotion, and your resume will look much better when you apply for new positions.

Here find a list of Free online courses

I. Free Online English Courses

In today's globalised environment, English is the dominant language in a business environment. So, proficiency in English improves your job opportunities.

Huge number of surveys show that, most of the Engineering graduates are loosing lot of job opportunities because of poor communication.

English became the official language because the conferences, training sessions, presentations or  meetings inside or outside the organisation, they are using English as the official language of communication.

So, to improve your proficiency in English, here find a list of free online English courses.

1. English Vocabulary and Pronunciation

English Vocabulary and Pronunciation course will help you further extend your English language vocabulary and improve your pronunciation skills.

In this course you can learn vocabulary in areas such as shopping, food, and sports, and pronunciation of the alphabet and silent letters.

The course also covers the 10 most-used nouns, verbs, and expressions in English.

2. Public Speaking Essentials: How to Craft Your Personal Story


In today's business environment seminars and presentations are common. So in this course you can learn
How to engage and intrigue your audiences right from the beginning of any speech.

Time-saving techniques while writing a speech.

Effective techniques to recognize personal story opportunities

What information you need to know before writing a speech.


3. Communicating Strategically

You learn communication skills early in your academic career, you may have not practiced, or may have forgotten, many useful communications tactics.

Many people often underestimate how hard it is to effectively communicate and think they do a better job than they actually do.

After all, their content makes sense to them, and if someone else doesn't understand, it must be their fault.
This course will help you to become a more effective communicator

4. Secret Sauce of Great Writing

If you have a plan making your mark on the world by writing an outstanding book or creating a magnificent blog.

Then in this course you can learn how to superpower your business writing like cover letters, press releases, marketing copy and sales emails, and to make your blogs appear a thousand times more professional


5. How to Easily Structure Your Presentation for Impact!

You'll learn how to easily structure your presentation so it is well organized, engaging, and helps you make the impact you're after!


II. Online Courses for Information Technology (IT)

There are many Online Courses for Information Technology (IT). By using this course you can learn from Fundamentals to advanced subjects.

While many of these courses listed here are free and also offers a certificate for a fee.


1. ALISON ABC IT - Computer Training Suite

If you are new to Information Technology or you want to know the IT fundamentals, then ALISON ABC IT course is suitable for you.

ABC IT covers the basic concepts of computing and teaches how computing can be an everyday feature of life and work.

It covers basic Microsoft Office computer applications and touch typing training.


2. Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2016 for Beginners

The course is designed for individuals and office professionals who need to master the capabilities of the latest edition of Microsoft Office.

In this course you will learn every aspect of Word 2016, Excel 2016 and PowerPoint 2016.


3. Introduction to C Programming

The C programming language is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages.

If you are new to programming languages, then in this course, you will learn how programming languages work with data, what program flow is, and how to use functions, methods and routines.

You will also get step-by-step instructions on how to create simple C programs and how to run them all while you learn C programming.

4. C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners

C++ programming language is one of the most popular and powerful language.

C++ is the language for you is used to create high-end desktop games or complex artificial intelligence programs.

If you want to use a language that lets you get close to your machine and access all of your computer's hardware, C++ is the language for you.

In this course you'll learn the basics, step by step. After the end of the course you'll learn how to create a beautiful "particle fire" program, including a smattering of the basic principles of game development.

5. Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

If you are new to the Java  language, this course helps you learn to program in the Java programming language.
Here you can learn the Programming  in Java from scratch.

6. Data Structures in Java for Noobs

In this course you will learn step by step implementation of Singly Linked List Doubly Linked List in Java.
Students will learn how to implement their own data structures

Students will learn the Time Complexities of operations.


7. Python for Beginners

Python is a powerful, modern programming language that has the capabilities required for experienced programmers, while being easy enough for beginners to learn.

Python is a great and friendly language to use and learn. It fun, and can be adapted to both small and large projects.

Python will cut your development time greatly and overall, it’s much faster to write Python than other languages. This course will be a quick way to understand all the major concepts of Python programming.


8. Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial

PHP and MySQL are incredibly powerful open source technologies that allow people to create functional websites and apps that go way beyond basic HTML. While it can seem intimidating to someone with no background in coding, working with PHP is much easier than many realize.

With the right guidance and a desire to learn, most people can learn how to put together a functional web app in a few days!

9. JavaScript For Beginners

JavaScript is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production along with HTML and CSS.

This course is suitable for everyone like new to web development, or simply for those who know HTML, CSS, or any other programming language but have never worked with JavaScript before.


10. C# Basics

C# is the one of the most popular languages. The C# Language is used to make Windows, Server and .Net Applications.

In this course you can learn basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will eventually use to build both desktop and mobile applications.


11. HTML & CSS

In this you'll learn basic web development concepts and skills that will allow you to build simple websites, modify existing websites and create interactive websites for any business.

You can learn HTML and CSS from the very beginning.

III. Free online multimedia courses


Multimedia is content that uses a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content.

Multimedia can be recorded and played, displayed, interacted with or accessed by information content processing devices, such as computerized and electronic devices, but can also be part of a live performance.

There are a huge number of job opportunities for Multimedia professionals.

Here find a list of free online multimedia courses.

1. Figure Drawing From Life Using The Reilly Technique

In this course you can learn the details of the "Reilly" drawing technique and demonstrations using it. This technique allows for complete figure drawings from life in less than 45 minutes. Starting with the lines of action and large abstract shapes, the course proceeds through small shapes, negative space, value, perspective, foreshortening, edge, line, details (face, hands and feet), and drapery on the figure.  


2. Free online courses for Adobe Photoshop CS6

You want to create eye catching visuals for your online business or your website. Then Adobe Photoshop CS6 definitely helps you.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the world's most popular graphics and digital photo-editing software program. It is used by millions of graphic designers and photographers.

This free online Adobe Photoshop CS6 video tutorial course will help you learn  the skills and techniques needed to master image manipulation and photographic re-touching.

In this free online course you can learn

How to the user interface of Photoshop CS6?

How to use the different tools?

How modify and enhance your image for production and delivery?

How to remove background elements from the image.

How to re-touch blemishes in the original photograph

How to Crop elements out of the image

How to Insert text into your image.  

How to create marquees around elements to remove or modify them.

Free Transform a selection you have cut from an image.


3. Free online courses for Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of film making and television production.

Adobe After Effects, the industry-standard tool for video compositing, motion graphic design, and animation.
This free online course on Adobe After Effects, helps you to learn about GUI and workspace, as well as show you how to import and organise files, what video standards and presets are, and how to compose motion effects and visual graphics for video.

After completion of this free online course, you will have an understanding of file types, importing files, organising files, composition, video standards, video presets and window settings. You will have a clear understanding of how layers work when creating your video.

4. Free online courses for Adobe Flash CS3

Adobe Flash CS3 is a multimedia software platform for production of animations, browser games, rich Internet applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and mobile games.

Flash displays text, vector graphics and raster graphics to provide animations, video games and applications. It allows streaming of audio and video, and can capture mouse, keyboard, microphone and camera input.

After completion of this course, you can understand the Flash interface and all its features such as the selection, pen, text, line, rectangle, brush, oval, paint, eye dropper tools and much more.

5. Free online course on Diploma in Multimedia Development

You want to improve your skills in creating professional-looking videos, visual effects, motion graphics and animations.

Then this free online course teaches you about various key multimedia tools including Adobe Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash, Audacity, Director MX and Adobe After Effects.

After completion of this course

You can understand the Flash interface and the tools it uses to create animation

You will learn how to create a video using Flash and how to use Windows Movie Maker to create and edit videos.

You can learn how use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos, create pictures, graphics and much more.

You will be able to use Audacity to create audio files for online podcasts.

But with that being said, if you’re spending money and time, you want to put it toward something worthwhile. So, check out reviews by previous students, ask colleagues for recommendations, and read the course descriptions, some of which will have introductory videos available. These are great indicators of whether or not you can connect to the class and the teacher.

6. Free online course on Video Editing and Publishing

This course helps to to learn video editing skills like editing videos, add background audio or a voice-over, add transitions or effects to videos, and publish videos in a variety of formats with Windows Movie Maker.

After completion of this course you can learn

How to use Windows Movie Maker

Troubleshooting and workspace when using Windows Movie Player

Effectively organise video footage, import media and save a project.

How to use the zoom, trimming and splitting settings to make the perfect video.


How you can use transitions, effects, sounds, audio, narration and titles to make your video look effective and professional.



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